Yue Yu alleged in Drano poisoning abused family: court documents

Yue Yu faces charges after allegedly poisoning her husband’s tea with a liquid “resembling Drano”, prosecutors have said. (Irvine Police Department mugshot; screenshot of her in the kitchen courtesy of Steven G. Hittelman of the Hittelman Family Law Group)

A man who says he caught his wife on nanny cam pouring ‘Drano-like’ cleanser into his morning tea to try and kill him abused her and the couple’s children on a daily basis before she is charged with poisoning and domestic violence.

In a 2022 court statement asking a Southern California judge for custody of the children after the arrest of his wife, Yue “Emily” Yu, Jack Chen, 53, alleged years of abuse by the suspect and the suspect’s mother at their home in Irvine, California, a suburb of Orange County, 45 miles south of downtown Los Angeles.

Chen’s attorney, Steven Hittleman, called the allegations insidious.

“She wanted him to suffer,” he told Law&Crime. “It’s just another form of domestic violence that she used against him.”

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