You’re Only Useful For Messes In Life, According To Low-Budget Twene Jonas, Afia Schwarzenner Is Torn Into Pieces By Jonas (Video)

Afia Schwarzenegger has attracted the attention of a young Ghanaian man who is actively pursuing his dream of becoming the next Twene Jonas.

The young man completely destroys the comedienne in a recent video, criticising her for having no value in life.

Schwarzenegger, in his opinion, is nothing more than a h**kip chick and has no other value to society.

He made his remarks in a video that was recorded while he was walking about the streets of the United States, imitating Twene Jonas’ vlogging technique.

The young man, who is determined to succeed Jonas, has even gone so far as to groom himself to resemble the divisive figure and even speaks in his style!

Like Jonas, he has alienated a lot of people with his crude insults, much as Afia Schwarzenegger has targeted Ajagurajah, Muslims in general, and several other people.

Afia Schwar has not yet retaliated to these assaults, but given her penchant for attracting attention, don’t be shocked if she does.

The assault on Afia Schwar can be seen below.


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