“you who only have one song” – Portable drags Spyro for refusing to collaborate with him

Habeeb Okikiola better known as Portablea popular Nigerian street artist, publicly criticizes fellow artist Spyro after they attempted to collaborate on music together.

In a recent interview, Portable expressed his displeasure with Spyro’s refusal to collaborate on a song with him.

Portable said in their online outburst that the singer is still considered an upcoming musician and therefore should be humbled.

He chided Spyro for refusing to work on a piece of music due to the difference in their musical styles

In his words, “Spyro ‘Who’s Your Guy’, you never blow na. You know how many hits I got? You know how many shows I got? You know how many features I got? You don’t only one song you get and your song can’t be mimed I can sing love song all songs and patterns.

Sharing the video on Instagram, he added, “They won my disgrace. Thank God, say man don’t be God, ZAZUU can’t you see I shine, Akoi Grace Wey No Dey Disgrace.

Aparo You never do you form Ajebo, IKA OF AFRICA, IKA Talk IKA Understand.

Watch the video below…

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