Yellowstone’s Jen Landon feels like Teeter lost her family

Jen Landon went on to describe the family she envisions for Teeter in “Yellowstone” as “A bunch of older brothers,” saying she thinks the character “went through his dad.” When you imagine the rocker being sarcastic and cut in this way, it starts to add a lot of extra layers to his characterization.

Plus, since “Yellowstone” dove deep into the backstories of many key characters, it’s possible Landon’s version might even become a reality one day. “One of the things that was really clear to me, even in season three, was Teeter’s deep, deep need for his family,” Landon explained. “She definitely feels like a motherless child and that she’s really lost her family, you know, through a whole host of issues.”

This would help explain how hurt Teeter was in her most emotional scene when John decides to chase the girls off the ranch after a few too many dusts in the dorms. Having felt safe and wanted for the first time in so long, Teeter’s hurtful discouragement makes a lot of sense.

While Landon’s take on the character’s backstory is by no means official canon, given Taylor Sheridan’s willingness to work collaboratively with his performers, he may possibly incorporate it into future episodes, by depending on the length of the series.

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