Xbox app for Windows makes PC gaming more accessible

Microsoft has just enabled the Xbox app for Windows in a new update that brings a lot of useful changes, on the accessibility front for beginners, and also with game cards, better filtering of your game library games to find what you want, and more.

Windows Central reports that the May update for the Xbox app on PC is now live, reworking accessibility settings to make them more accessible, bringing all of these options together in a new menu.

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Essentially, this acts as a one-stop hub where you can access the Xbox app’s accessibility settings – for example, turning off animations or background images (these are actually two new features designed to remove which might be unnecessary distractions for some people). Additionally, the menu offers handy shortcuts to other accessibility options (for Windows in general, for example, or the Xbox Game Bar).

Another important change has been introduced for game cards, which offer more information. So you can now see at a glance how long a game takes to complete (typically), pricing details, and relevant information about when the title is coming to Game Pass (or even in the process of being released). deletion).

Xbox App for Windows Filters

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There are also new options for filtering your game library. So, for example, it’s possible to search for games you can beat in a few hours (under five) if you just want a quick fix for your next PC gaming adventure. It is also possible to sort games via accessibility features.

Microsoft has also implemented changes to the social side for the Xbox app, allowing you to bring up your friends list (or a chat) in a separate window. If you have two desktop computers, you can have a full-screen game on one and your social content appearing on the other.

Xbox App for Windows Social

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Analysis: impressive progress

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