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If you are a fan of street racing and reality TV, you have probably heard of Joe “Dominator” Woods. He is one of the cast members of the Discovery channel’s Street Outlaws, a show that follows the lives and races of the fastest street racers in Oklahoma City. Joe is known for his aggressive and consistent racing style, as well as his passion for muscle cars. His goal is to become the King of the Street. He drives a 1967 Dodge Dart, which he calls The Dominator. He is always ready to dominate the streets with his powerful car and his fearless attitude.

Wiki/Bio Facts

Fact Description
Full name Joe Woods
Nickname Dominator
Date of birth Unknown
Age Likely in his 50s
Place of birth Unknown
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Gender Male
Sexuality Straight
Marital status Married
Wife Lisa
Children 3 children and all girls, Joelee, Madison and Cammy
Brother Shane
Best friend Scott
Occupation Street racer, car mechanic, reality TV star
Net worth $1 million (as of 2023)
Debut on Street Outlaws Season 6 (2015)
Car name The Dominator
Car model 1967 Dodge Dart
Previous cars owned 1956 Chevy Bel Air and 23 others
Racing style Aggressive and consistent
Racing goal To become the King of the Street
Social media presence Facebook and Instagram
Street Outlaws Joe Dominator Woods
Street Outlaws Joe Dominator Woods

Early Life

Joe hasn’t revealed much about his early life and his family growing up. From a young age, Jow was inspired by his father and would often help out his father in the garage. His father would often tell Joe that if he wanted a car, he must first learn how to take care of it. Joe got his first car at the age of 13. The 1956’s Chevy was a perfect start for a young Joe who was getting the hang of street racing. 

How he got the name?

In a rare interview, Joe explained how he came up with his racer name. 

“My buddy has a website for old-school nostalgia stuff and when my wife set up an account for me, I needed a name. We used Dominator and when I found the Midwest Streetcars website, I just used the same name and it stuck.”

Life on the streets

Joe was already racing by the time he approached his early teens. Alongside his career as a racer, Joe is also a mechanic. He has been fixing and customizing cars for a long time, which gives him an edge when it comes to innovation. Joe is also a welding instructor for a drilling company in Oklahoma. 

Joining Street Outlaws

Joe “Dominator” joined the cast of Street Outlaws in season 6, which aired in 2015. In his first season at the TV series, Joe drove pure nitrous set up but he was forced to change to a twin-turbo set up in season 7. He is known for his aggressive and consistent racing style, as well as his passion for muscle cars. His goal is to become the King of the Street, a title that has been held by Big Chief and Daddy Dave in the past. He is not afraid to challenge anyone who stands in his way, and he often puts his car and his reputation on the line.

Net Worth

Joe “Dominator” Woods has an estimated net worth of $1 million as of 2023. He earns his income from racing on the streets of Oklahoma City, fixing and customizing cars for himself and others, and appearing on the Discovery channel’s Street Outlaws . He also sells merchandise on his social media pages. Joe is passionate about muscle cars and racing, and he invests a lot of money and time into his 1967 Dodge Dart, which he calls The Dominator .

Personal Life

A softspoken guy, Joe is married to his longtime wife Lisa Woods. The two met through their mutual love for cars. Joe was attending a car show where Lisa was with one of Joe’s high school friends. Although it did not instantly click the two hit it off two years later and ever since Joe and Lisa are together.

Joe Dominator Woods and his wife Lisa Woods
Joe Dominator Woods and his wife Lisa Woods

Lisa is car fanatics and can do pretty much anything with them. From getting her hand dirty fixing things to getting behind the wheel in the race track. We can say they complement each other. Also, Lisa is part of the team “Dominator” which takes part in the street race and reality tv show Street Outlaws.


Lisa is also a homemaker and raises their children. In the years of togetherness, Joe and Lisa have given birth to three children, all girls. Their eldest Joelee is 14  middle daughter Madison is  12 and the youngest Cammy is 11 years old. It is said that Joelee looks up to them and has found a passion for cars.

Street Outlaws Dominator Kids
Street Outlaws Dominator all three daughters

Team Dominator

Joe Woods may receive all the plaudits for success in the race track. There is a team behind the scene working hard to ensure the car is ready for the race. The team dominator consists of Joe, his wife Lisa, his younger brother Shane Woods and his longtime friend Scott McCubbin. Shane is a welder by trade and works in the oil field.

Physical Traits

Physical Trait Description
Height 5ft 7in or 1.7m (approx.)
Weight Unknown
Face shape Oval
Eye color Grey
Hair color Brown white
Facial hair Mustache and goatee
Tattoos None visible
Piercing None visible
Clothing style Casual and comfortable, often wears hats and sunglasses
Accessories Wears a gold chain necklace and a ring on his left hand


Q: Who is Joe “Dominator” Woods’ wife?

Joe “Dominator” Woods is married to Lisa Woods, who shares his love for cars and racing. They met at a car show when they were young and have been together ever since.

Q: How many children does Joe “Dominator” Woods have?

Joe “Dominator” Woods has three daughters: Joelee, Madison, and Cammy.

Q: What was Joe “Dominator” Woods’ first car?

Joe “Dominator” Woods’ first car was a 1956 Chevy Bel Air that he had in high school. It had a 12.5:1, 331 cubic inch small-block Chevrolet engine with a TH400 transmission and a 9-inch rearend with 4.56 gears. He still has the car in his garage today.

Q: How many cars does Joe “Dominator” Woods own?

Joe “Dominator” Woods owns at least 25 cars, including his 1967 Dodge Dart, his 1956 Chevy Bel Air, and several other muscle cars from different brands.

Q: How did Joe “Dominator” Woods get involved in street racing?

Joe “Dominator” Woods got involved in street racing when he showed up at Cash Days, an illegal street racing event in Oklahoma City. He realized he didn’t have enough car to keep up with the other racers, so he bought the Dart that would become The Dominator two weeks later.

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