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Charlie Jagow is a young man who lives a life that most people can only dream of. He is one of the stars of the reality TV show The Last Alaskans, which follows the lives of a few families who reside in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR), one of the most remote and protected areas in the United States. Charlie is not only a television personality, but also a survival expert, a tour guide, a pilot, a hunter, a trapper, and an outfitter. He has learned to thrive in the harsh and beautiful wilderness of Alaska, where he faces challenges and dangers every day. He has built his own cabin from scratch, hunted animals like wolves and bears, and flown his own plane across the vast landscape. He is passionate about living off the grid and away from modern technology, preferring to rely on his own skills and instincts. Charlie Jagow is a remarkable person who has a lot to teach us about nature, survival, and happiness.

Wiki/Bio Facts

Fact Description
Full name Charlie Jagow
Date of birth 1998
Age 25
Place of birth Alaska, USA
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Gender Male
Sexuality Straight
Marital status Unmarried
Parents Paul Malcolm Jagow and Dawn Jagow
Siblings Joanna Jagow (sister)
Education Lathrop High School in Fairbanks, Alaska
Occupation Television personality, survival expert, tour guide, pilot, hunter, trapper, outfitter
Outfitting business Double Shovel Outfitters
Net worth $0.5 million (as of 2023) 
Television shows The Last Alaskans (2015-present) 
Plane model Cessna Sky Wagon 180 
Hunting skills Able to hunt animals like wolves, moose, caribou, and bears using traps, rifles, and bows 
Hunting challenges Encountered dangerous situations such as being stalked by a bear and falling through thin ice 
Social media presence None; prefers to live off the grid and away from modern technology 
Fan base Has many fans who admire his bravery, resilience, and independence in the wilderness
The Last Alaskans Charlie Jagow
The Last Alaskans Charlie Jagow

Early Life

Charlie is a 90’s kid who was born in 1998 in Fairbanks, Alaska. The second-born child of Paul Malcolm Jagow and Dawn Jagow, Charlie has an elder sister Joanna. Charlie is fond of his sister and often shares memories of the pair competing in sled dogs competitions like the one organized by Two Rivers Dog Mushers Association. Charlie attended the Lathrop High School in his early years and moved on to reality TV after his finals. On the other hand, Joanna serves as a pediatric nurse at the Fairbanks Memorial Hospital. She landed the job after a nursing degree from the University of Alaska Fairbanks. 

Professional Life

As Charlie is creating a name for himself as we speak, there isn’t much to report on his personal life. He landed the leading role in the Last Alaskans in 2015. The series which first aired in 2015 has changed channels from Animal Planet to Discovery. Alongside working on the series, Charlie has also been registered as a guide for Double Shovel Outfitters. He uses his skills to help tourists and hunters navigate the region.

The Last Alaskan Charlie Jagow Net Worth

Net Worth

Charlie Jagow’s net worth is estimated to be around $0.5 million as of 2023. His main sources of income are his appearance on the reality TV show The Last Alaskans, and his outfitting business called Double Shovel Outfitters. He also earns money from selling the furs and meat of the animals he hunts and traps in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge . Charlie lives a simple and frugal life in the wilderness, so he does not spend much on luxuries or amenities.

Rumors of Death?

Some time back, rumors began circulating that Charlie Jagow was dead. Contrary to the rumor, Charlie is alive and kicking. He owns a private plane and spends his free time on his own. 

Similar rumors also circulated the media about both of Charlie’s parents. It was said that both Paul Malcolm Jagow and Dawn Jagow were dead. But the rumors were completely baseless. Both of Charlie’s parents are alive and well. They are currently living out their old age in Fairbanks, Alaska. 

Physical Traits

Physical Trait Description
Height About 5 feet 8 inch
Weight Unknown
Eye color Blue 
Hair color Blonde 
Facial hair Beard and mustache and sometimes clean shaved
Skin tone Fair 
Body type Athletic and muscular 
Clothing style Casual and practical; wears jackets, hats, gloves, boots, etc
Accessories Sunglasses, headphones, knife, etc
Tattoos None visible 
Scars None visible 
Piercings None visible 
Smile Bright and charming 
Posture Confident and relaxed 

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