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Thejus Jyothi: Wiki, Bio, Age, Birthday, Family, Height, Wife, Movies, Place, Job, Net Worth, Wedding, Date of Birth, Instagram, Malavika Krishnadas, Relationship, Salary, Caste, Religion: Indian actor Thejus Jyothi is best known for his efforts in the Malayalam cinema industry. Olu, a 2018 movie in which he made his acting debut, was followed by roles in Erida and Kuruthi Aattam. He had studied engineering and worked as a software engineer before beginning his acting career.

Thejus , despite being relatively new to the film industry, has already demonstrated promise as an actor. He has received appreciation for his cinematic performances, and it is possible that he will continue to advance in fame. Thejus Jyothi provides a unique viewpoint to his work as an actor with an engineering degree, and it’s likely that his experiences in the IT business and as an actor have influenced his vision and method of working on his art.

Thejus Jyothi

Overall, Thejus Jyothi is a promising actor in the Malayalam cinema industry, and his technical degree lends an interesting layer to his performance. It will be interesting to observe how his career develops in the next years.

Thejus Jyothi Birthplace, Nationality & Ethnicity:

Jyothi Thejus was born in Kollam, a city in the Indian state of Kerala. His birthday is January 19, 1989, making him 34 years old in 2023.

Thejus Jyothi

Thejus Jyothi is a Malayalam-language actor best known for his part in the Malayalam-language television show “Nayika Nayakan”. It’s always interesting to discover more about actors’ and other public people’ careers and origins.

Thejus Jyothi Height, Weight:

It is unclear how tall & what weight does Jyothi have, as his height & weight is not indicated. However, based on his film appearances, he may be of average height for a male actor in India, which is around 5’8″ (173 cm) & weight aprox. 75 kg.

Thejus Jyothi Family, Parents, Wife, Relationship:

While we have gathered a great deal of information about this individual, one aspect remains shrouded in mystery – their family details. Curiously, no mention has been made of their parents’ names or profession, nor have we been given any insight into the siblings of this enigmatic figure. It’s as though this crucial piece of the puzzle has been purposefully omitted, leaving us with a tantalizing gap in our understanding of their background.

According to rumours, the couple’s romance bloomed while they were co-stars on the Malayalam television drama Nayika Nayakan. They began to build a profound connection as they spent more time together, and it became evident that they shared a special relationship.

According to reports, their love story was one of mutual respect and appreciation, with both partners constantly lifting each other up in their personal and professional pursuits. Their connection has been described as powerful, caring, and enduring, with an unwavering devotion to one another that only grows stronger as time goes on.

Their recent wedding is a celebration of their love and dedication to one another, as well as their shared future. Many people have been moved by the couple’s love story, and their admirers are overjoyed to see them embark on this new chapter of their life together.

Thejus Jyothi Career:

Thejus Jyothi is an Indian actor who works primarily in Malayalam film and television. In 2016, he made his acting debut in the Malayalam film “Happy Wedding” as a supporting actor. He has since played minor roles in various films, including “Villain” (2017) and “Aanenkilum Allenkilum” (2018).

Thejus Jyothi, on the other hand, is most renowned for his work in Malayalam television. He rose to prominence after appearing as one of the finalists on the reality show “Nayika Nayakan” in 2018. He later went on to host the show’s second season.

Thejus Jyothi has also appeared in television shows such as “Ammuvinte Amma” (2018), “Thoovalsparsham” (2019), and “Ente Mathavu” (2021).

Overall, Thejus Jyothi’s acting abilities and endearing personality have had a huge effect in the Malayalam entertainment industry. He remains a popular actor and television personality, and his followers eagerly await his upcoming endeavours.

Thejus Jyothi Movies:

Thejus Jyothi has appeared in a few Malayalam films in small roles. Here is a list of films in which he has worked:

  1. Happy Wedding (2016) – supporting role
  2. Villain (2017) – small role
  3. Aanenkilum Allenkilum (2018) – small role

It is important to note that Thejus Jyothi has a sizable fan base on Malayalam television, where he is best recognised for his work. He gained notoriety by taking part in the reality series “Nayika Nayakan” in 2018, and he later hosted the second season of the programme. Additionally, he has appeared in a number of television series, such as “Ammuvinte Amma” (2018), “Thoovalsparsham” (2019), and “Ente Mathavu” (2021).

Thejus Jyothi Net Worth & Salary:

Thejus Jyothi’s net wealth and remuneration are not publicly known. His income likely comes from a variety of sources as an actor and television personality, including film and television appearances, brand sponsorships, and public appearances.

Acting in numerous well-known television shows and movies, Thejus Jyothi commands a considerable income for his contributions to the entertainment industry. Given his status as a TV personality, he is expected to receive lucrative offers for public appearances and brand promotions, resulting in increased earnings.

The entertainment industry is, however, a famously cutthroat one, and not all actors or public figures enjoy the same level of fame or wealth. An individual’s net worth or salary can also be considerably impacted by variables including taxes, agent fees, and other costs.

Thejus Jyothi is a prominent actor and television personality who has established himself in the Malayalam entertainment business, despite the fact that it is difficult to determine his net worth or salary with confidence.

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Thejus Jyothi

Information Table:

Category Information
Full Name Thejus Jyothi
Other Names Thejus
Occupation Actor, Television Personality
Date of Birth Unknown
Age Unknown
Place of Birth Kollam, Kerala, India
Nationality Indian
Ethnicity Indian
Gender Male
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Famous For Participating in “Nayika Nayakan” reality show and hosting the second season of the show
Notable Works “Ammuvinte Amma,” “Thoovalsparsham,” “Ente Mathavu”
Filmography “Happy Wedding,” “Villain,” “Aanenkilum Allenkilum”
Spouse Malavika Krishnadas
Social Media Facebook: @ThejusJyothiOfficial, Instagram: @thejusjyothi_official


Social Media Accounts:



Lesser known about Thejus Jyothi:

  • In Kerala, Thejus Jyothi’s father is a well-respected theatrical performer.
  • In Kollam, Kerala, Thejus has worked as a video jockey (VJ) for a local channel.
  • Thejus has participated in a number of dance performances and festivals. She is a trained classical dancer.
  • Thejus is a fitness enthusiast and enjoys working out regularly.

FAQ About Thejus :

1. Who is Thejus Jyothi?

  • Thejus Jyothi is a Kerala-born Indian actor and television personality.

2. What is Thejus Jyothi famous for?

  • Thejus Jyothi is well known for his roles in Malayalam films and on the Malayalam reality show “Nayika Nayakan.”

3. Has Thejus Jyothi won any awards?

  • No, he has not won any major awards as of yet.

4. Is Thejus Jyothi married?

  • Yes, Thejus Jyothi is married to actress Malavika Krishnadas.

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