Wife Drags Husband To Aunt Naa For Having Big “Koti” And Disgraces Him On Live TV (Video)

Auntie Naa is the host of Oyerepa Efutuo on Oyerepa TV, a show that settles broken homes and misunderstandings between couples, be it normal dating or marriage.

It is quite awkward when a couple appears on the show due to the way multiple viewers stream the program.

However, a woman dragged her husband to Aunt Naa to have a big banana causing her to suffer and cry when they have sex.

According to the woman, this is something she has been suffering from for ages. Before her revelation, she apologized to her man’s family.

She is believed to be in her 50s and says that regardless of her age, she has never encountered such a big thing and always cries every time she has it.

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Source: OccupyGh.net

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