Why Simon Pegg Was ‘Almost Annoyed’ By His Scotty Casting

Since his debut apperance as Scotty in 2009’s “Star Trek,” Simon Pegg has become a household name. The actor has managed to find himself in multiple franchises, collaborating  with some of the most iconic working directors. Pegg later appeared in “Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” which was directed by his “Star Trek” helmer J. J. Abrams. He was also cast in a pivotal role in Steven Spielberg’s beloved “Ready Player One” adaptation. Despite the franchise fare he’s becomes known for, Pegg continues to perform in smaller productions, lending his talents to the underrated rom-com “Man Up” and the deeply hilarious sci-fi comedy “Paul.” 

Despite his diverse resume, Pegg continues to stand out as Scotty in the “Star Trek” franchise. After appearing in the Abrams-directed sequel “Into Darkness,” Pegg was afforded a massive opportunity to shape “Star Trek” in his own image. Following the release of “Into Darkness,” Pegg was roped in by Paramount Pictures to co-write the threequel “Beyond” alongside Doug Jung. While speaking with Collider, Pegg opened up about how it was a privilege to co-write and shape up a “Star Trek” film. “Being given the keys to the ‘Star Trek’ universe was an extraordinary privilege,” Pegg said. “I know ‘Star Trek’ means a lot to a lot of different people. It means an enormous amount to some people.” 

While “Star Trek: Beyond” proved to be a critical success, the future of the “Star Trek” franchise on the big screen seems to be uncertain. During a chat at FedCon (via Trek Movie), Pegg candidly opened up about how a hypothetical “Star Trek 4” can only manifest if all the actors can get together. “As soon as they can figure out our moment we can we could all be together, I’m sure we’ll do it,” Pegg said.

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