Why Marvel Had to Hide Some ‘Absurd’ Iron Man Deleted Scenes

While ‘Iron Man’ producer Jeremy Latcham hasn’t described any other previously unseen deleted scenes from that film other than Tony doing the laundry, the MCU is littered with bits and pieces that have never been the subject of a theatrical release. Some were the byproducts of rewrites and reworks, while others were deemed irrelevant, inconsistent with existing canon, or downright no good.

For example, as noted by Yahoo! Finance, 45 minutes of Thanos-related content was cut from the final version of “Avengers: Infinity War”. The footage would have depicted the Mad Titan’s conquest of the first Infinity Stone in his gauntlet, the Power Stone he took from the planet Xandar after invading it and stealing it from the Nova Corps. It seems like a thrilling Disney+ exclusive to say the least, as the theatrical cut of “Infinity War” never gives audiences a satisfying explanation for why the grape-colored villain arrives with an Infinity Stone already in hand.

Also, as collected in Looper’s roundup of scenes that never made it into the MCU, a few different examples of references to Spider-Man, mutants, and the X-Men have been cut over the years. While the MCU is only beginning to confirm the existence of mutants in the universe, with characters such as Kamala Khan in “Ms. Marvel” and Namor the Submariner in “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever” being the first to use openly the word mutant.

There have been many deleted scenes over the years that would have changed the MCU forever. And while we’ll never know why Kevin Feige fought so hard to keep those “Iron Man” scenes in the vault, they probably wouldn’t have had the same impact as most of the scenes that were deleted in later films.

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