Why Many Think Kate Middleton Wore Two Dresses for King Charles’ Coronation

If you look at photos of Catherine, Princess of Wales at the coronation ceremony herself, it’s clear that Alexander McQueen’s ivory dress had a high neckline, near the base of her neck. But in the official portrait, the dress has a V-neck, and the necklace she wears is clearly visible, although it was not in the photos of the ceremony. It certainly has some on Twitter confused. A writing: “The neckline is 200% different from today’s neckline.”

One potential reason for the apparent change is that Kate may have been wearing a cape, similar to the one Princess Charlotte wore over her dress. Sky News commentator Alistair Bruce tweeted in support of this idea: “Additional temporary cape to complement coat, collar and protect dress from woven wire tie cords, with heavy scalloped knots.” Although not all royal fans are convinced, with A disputing that it was a cape.

Whether it’s a dress or two, we don’t know for sure yet and may never know. But we appreciate getting a better look at the three-row diamond necklace that Kate wore. It was the George VI Festoon Necklace, which King George VI made in 1950 for his eldest daughter, making it a sweet tribute from Kate to Queen Elizabeth.

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