Why Guy Ritchie is making The Gentlemen Sequel a TV series

According to Deadline, those looking to binge on “The Gentlemen” are in for an eight-round affair. Regarding “The Gentlemen”, the same Deadline report claims that the series will follow Eddie Horniman (Theo James) who, after inheriting his father’s vast estate, learns that he is at the top of the underground empire of marijuana run by Mickey Pearson (played by Matthew McConaughey in “The Gentlemen”), placing him at the center of London’s underworld.

As far as setups go, this one is particularly smart because it allows Guy Ritchie to build the world of “The Gentlemen” without relying on the original film’s cast. It seems, however, that Ritchie may not be quite done with one of those stars, with the ‘Snatch’ director admitting to Time that, if there was a character from ‘The Gentlemen’ , he might like to give away his own spin-off movie, it’s Hugh Grant’s Shady Private Investigator Fletcher. “Hugh Grant is kind of interesting,” Ritchie noted. “He’s so watchable. It seems to represent something that very few people represent these days. He’s incredibly fresh and he’s his own man.

Ritchie would go on to rave about Grant’s enduring on-screen appeal, with the actor now having decades into his career. Although Grant and Ritchie reunited for the recent “Operation Fortune: Ruse of War,” the director still isn’t entirely optimistic the actor would return for another delightful turn as Fletcher, telling Time, “That might be a tough sell.”

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