Why did Tony kill Christopher?

After meeting Phil Leotardo (Frank Vincent) in New York, Christopher drives Tony back to New Jersey when he begins to veer wildly on the freeway due to heavy drug use. Unfortunately, his reckless driving results in a serious car accident and a rollover, and Christopher, who is not wearing a seatbelt, is seriously injured.

As Christopher struggles for his breath due to internal bleeding, he tells Tony that he won’t take a drug test. Although Tony considers dialing 911, this seems to be the moment he instead makes the choice that arguably morally damns his character for the rest of “The Sopranos.” He looks in the back seat and sees that a tree branch has impaled itself through Christopher’s daughter’s car seat and kills him by slamming his nose shut.

As Christopher struggles as he chokes to death on his own blood, Tony appears to show little to no remorse. In fact, he practically struggles to contain his joy for what he did and how easily he got away with it as the episode continues. He makes rude comments about Christopher’s character to his therapist, Dr. Jennifer Melfi (Lorraine Bracco), and even speaks ill of him after his own funeral, at a wake held at Tony’s house.

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