“Why am I being criticized”-James Brown charges at fans following heavy criticism

James Brown, the self-proclaimed “princess of Africa,” took to Instagram to lash out at followers who condemned him for releasing pictures of himself following Mohbad’s death.

The cross dresser, who claims he isn’t familiar with the late artist, paid his condolences on his Instagram story yesterday.

He apologized for taking so long to respond since he was unfamiliar with Mohbad, but he has been adequately educated about the situation and understands the teenagers’ anguish.

Today, he took to Instagram to publish a picture with the tagline “Ask About Me” from Mohbad.

“How is your day going hope you are all ok”

His actions seemed to upset a number of people who charged at him in the post’s comments section.

Their criticism of his post prompted him to record a video in which he insisted he done nothing wrong but inquired about their well-being, adding “everybody else is posting so why am I being criticized for doing the same”.

Link to the video below

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