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The deaths of a mother and daughter, who died in their apartment and were found at least six months after they were last heard from, remain a mystery, an investigation has heard. Zarin Adatia, 84, and her daughter Tasneem, 48, were discovered in her social flat in East Finchley, north London, by gas engineers on November 24. The last time they were heard from was in April.The coroner admitted to being ‘at a loss’ as to how the couple died, and a toxicology report could not be made due to the passage of time. Despite the fact that nothing was heard from the couple for six months, the rent for the apartment was always paid. A red sticker warning people not to enter the property also appeared on the gate days before their bodies were discovered.

Tasneem had type 2 diabetes and her sister Farah Mehta told the court that she had stopped collecting her medicine in April and that she may have slipped into a diabetic coma.An inquest at the North London Coroner’s Court heard that Tasneem was also caring for her elderly mother who was “virtually immobile” and had “illnesses” but “nothing life threatening to her”. The coroner recorded an open verdict, saying: “It is very difficult to construct a reasonable explanation for what happened.” I am at a loss. I don’t know what to say

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Zarin Adatia was 84 years.

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Cause of Death

Neighbors raised concerns for the well-being of the Kenyan-born couple in April last year, but it was initially assumed they had gone on holiday. Jeanette Winters, 88, who has lived in her ground-floor apartment for 55 years, said her mobility issues prevented her from monitoring the couple. She asked the caretaker to report it to the council, but no one came to visit Zarin and Tasneem.Ms Winters said: ‘The council finally said it sent letters. But if they are dead they will not answer the letters. Apparently that was in March or April of last year. There was no signal or anything, and no one seemed to do anything. Meanwhile, Ms. Mehta and Tasneem’s best friend had been sending her emails trying to get in touch. Ms. Mehta, Zarin’s only surviving daughter, told the court they spoke on the phone every day, particularly after Tasneem was recently hospitalized for her diabetes.

Contrary to her doctors’ recommendations, she herself discharged herself from the hospital after presenting with fatigue and suspected diabetic ketoacidosis, saying that she could not leave her mother alone overnight. However, Mr. Straker had no proof that this was the cause of her death, especially since she was on medication.Ms Mehta, who has lived in Scotland for a number of years and did so at the time of the death of her mother and her sister, told the court that she suspected Tasneem may have slipped into a diabetic coma given his history. her. However, her doctor was distraught because there was no evidence of how her mother died. Straker suggested that there could have been two “simultaneous” unexpected deaths, but said that was purely speculative.Elliott Sweetman, group director of properties and operations for Barnet Homes, which managed the apartment, said he wasn’t suspicious at first, but later checked the property from the outside and found nothing to suggest they were home. The rent for the apartment was paid every month that they did not see each other.

Gas inspectors sent six letters, made three phone calls and knocked on the door three times between last September and the day they were found. PC Asad Iqbal of the Metropolitan Police said the gas engineers had obtained a court order to enter the property. Upon arrival, inspectors found the lifeless remains of the mother and daughter.A fan whirred in the living room and Zarin lay near a knotted bag containing three empty sachets of the pain reliever co-codamol. Iqbal said Zarin’s iPhone was also charging next to her on a small nightstand. No suicide note was found, nor was there any sign that anyone had tried to break in. Giving evidence via video link, Iqbal said there was very little food in the fridge.

Mr. Iqbal called the Criminal Investigations Department, but the investigation ruled that the deaths were not suspicious. Officers were unable to initially establish whether carbon monoxide may have played a role in their deaths due to the odor from the bodies, but this was later ruled out.Subsequent investigations, summarized in the evidence provided to the forensic court, did not come close to revealing how the couple died. Assistant coroner Peter Straker told family members in court: “This is an incredibly difficult case to handle, to understand.” “I am left purely to speculation and have no right to speculate on what might have happened.”He added: “I had a sidelong thought of suicide, but I couldn’t find anything to suggest that it was a reasonable explanation. “It’s very hard to think of anything that isn’t speculation, and even natural causes could be speculation.” Ms. Mehta and two other family members who attended declined to comment after the hearing.

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