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The shock waves come from Houston, Texas, where a deadly accident claimed the lives of two women, a mother and daughter. He may be devastated after hearing that one of the victims of the tragic accident that occurred in Houston TX was identified as Brittany Joy aka ThatGirlBrittanyJoy. Yes, you heard right, famous TikTok creator Brittany Joy aka That Girl Brittany Joy has died. Her death was confirmed after a car accident that took place on Monday. Ever since this news broke and hit the internet, it has been making headlines and dwarfing every story on the news channels. Social media users have been stunned by this tragic event.

Brittany Joy Age

Brittany Joy was 35 years old.

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Cause of Death

Now, people are taking over the internet to read about the circumstances surrounding Brittany Joy’s car accident. What caused the fatal accident or what was the reason for the fatal accident in which Brittany Joy and her mother lost their lives? Many questions have been prevailing in people’s minds after hearing this news. We have reviewed numerous reports and statements to gather all the imperative and confirmed details of the incident. In the following sections of this column, you will be able to read all the imperative details about Brittany Joy’s car accident. Stay with this page and find out the details of this tragic event.

Brittany Murphy, who went viral and became famous on TikTok under the name ThatGirlBrittanyJoy, died after a fatal accident on Monday. She had over 400,000 followers on TikTok. People on TikTok used to recognize and follow her because of her comedy skits and Vlogs. Speaking of TikToker’s age, she was only 35 years old when she lost her life in a tragic accident. And her mother, Sherie Smith, who was the second victim of the accident, died at the age of 62. The mother-daughter duo passed away while traveling to Emancipation Park in Houston,

Texas. Drag the page down and read more details. Speaking about the accident, TikTok star Brittany Murphy and her mother Sherie Smith were going to Emancipation Park in Houston, Texas to celebrate June 16, but unfortunately they were involved in a fatal accident. After the fatal accident, Brittany Murphy’s sister and Sherie Smith’s daughter, Tiffany Smith Cofield, told ABC13: “There will never be a time when I don’t miss my mother and sister. They were my best friends. They were everything,” she kept adding that her sister and her mother had just gone to the celebration. Furthermore, Tiffany was returning home when she met with the accident. Scroll down the page.

Tiffany Cofiled said it looked like her car and everyone when she was walking they said a mother and daughter had died and I knew they were gone and I knew the only mother and daughter would be my mother and sister. What were the circumstances surrounding the accident? The Houston Police Department has explained the possible circumstances surrounding the accident. According to police, TikTok star ThatGirlBrittanyJoy was driving the car when a truck hit her car. Brittany was in the driver’s seat while her mother was in the passenger seat. Scroll down the page and read more details.

So far, the Houston police have not charged anyone in this case. However, an investigation is still underway and officials are gathering more information about it. Furthermore, the cause of the accident is also not known to authorities at this time. As the Murphy family is going through a difficult time, a fundraiser was started on behalf of the bereaved family. Cofield said the family isn’t ready for both Smith and Murphy to rest at the same time, so a GoFundMe is being organized. Scroll down the page and read the details about GoFundMe. The fundraiser is titled “ThatGirlBritneyJoy Burial and Memorial” and aims to raise $100,000. So far, more than 5,300 people have donated, accumulating around $95,000. The description of the fundraiser reads: “I also wanted to say that we are currently putting together costs to bury my sister and mother to rest.

We are not sure of the final estimates, but we plan to send both bodies back to California to rest in our home. I will be sure to keep everyone informed about costs and memorial services.” Scroll down the page.ThatGirlBritneyJoy caught the attention of the audience on TikTok with her comedy skits that showcased her amazing sense of humor. Remarkably, Britney Murphy gained 4000 to 400,000 followers in just four months. The last video of her from TikTok was shared the day of her accident. She captioned the video, “POV: YOU FORGOT HER JUNE TENTH. YOU DON’T WORK TODAY!” Ella Cofield’s sister of hers recalling her said, “I was so proud of her.” Stay tuned to this website for more details and more updates.

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