Who plays Effie In Power?

In an interview with Thisis50, Alix Lapri talked about what it was like to play Effie.

In response to the interviewer noting that she had been playing Effie since 2019, Lapri said she got used to playing Effie as the character grew and developed. She pointed to Effie’s growing independence and intelligence to carve out a place for herself in the show’s universe. “She really shows what a crucial piece of the puzzle she is in this whole world,” Lapri concluded.

Speaking to WhereistheBuzz in a separate interview, Lapri talked more about the character growth Effie has undergone on the show. Lapri said that although Effie was initially hesitant to enter the world of drug dealing, she realized it was the only way to get where she wanted to be in life. As Effie has moved deeper into this world, her demeanor has changed to reflect her growing comfort in doing whatever is necessary to move forward.

In the above interview with Thisis50, Lapri also highlighted the show’s stunt work as a surprisingly difficult part of the job. Having never done fight scenes before ‘Power Book II: Ghost’, she found it a learning process, from learning how to punch for the camera to how to hold a gun. fire.

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