Who Is The Next Queen Of Norway? Meet Princess Ingrid

Perhaps because she is such a strong athlete, Princess Ingrid says that she often thinks of freedom. After all, from what she has expressed in interviews, Ingrid believes that this concept is deeply tied to both adventure and nature. As Ingrid told VG magazine in her 18th birthday interview, freedom is something that she experiences while “skiing, deep in the forest, and has shaken off the security guards who follow [her] everywhere” (via UFO No More). This sentiment was also reflected in her NRK TV interview when Ingrid spoke on the peace and solitude that she experiences on her surfboard. “Nice to be alone for a bit,” she marveled.

As she gets older, though, Ingrid admits that she will lose certain freedoms, especially when it comes to privacy. That being said, the young princess has also expressed a desire to gain more liberty as she enters her 20s. Speaking with NRK TV, Ingrid revealed: “I’m looking forward to the freedom [of being older]. Maybe be able to travel alone, drive a car, etc.” She went on to share: “I will travel a lot, I have plans to … I want to visit Japan. Skiing in Japan, I think, is cool.”

Of course, there is a lot more to growing up than gaining liberties. But, luckily, Ingrid seems to know this. As the princess told NRK TV, getting older also means taking on more responsibilities, like “more expectations on how to behave.”

Post source: The List

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