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Henry Sherridan, 23, was having a cigarette in his friend’s yard in Preston, Lancashire, on April 26 surrounded by the large Bullmastiffs when they became aggressive. A singer who had his ears ripped off when he was bitten more than 50 times in a terrifying dog attack says his intrepid friend saved him from being killed.

The canines sank their teeth into him 50 times in a frenzied 45-second attack, ripping off both of his ears and tearing at his hand before his owner climbed on top of Sherridan to protect him. Sherridan needed two skin grafts on his leg and spent two weeks in the hospital, but he thinks he’s lucky to be alive and doesn’t want to see his friend’s dogs euthanized.

Lancashire Police said the vicious attack was “fully investigated” and was being treated as a civil matter and the dogs will not be euthanized, although they must now wear muzzles if outside. A ‘community protection advisory’ has been imposed, which also prohibits dogs from being near children.

Henry Sherridan was Bitten 50 times in the frenzied attack and lost his ears

The singer, who is in a band called House Of Wolves, thinks he’s lucky to be alive and says the dogs would have “ripped out his throat and lopped off his head” if his friend Dan hadn’t intervened. His life was saved when his friend stepped between him and the dogs, causing them to flee inside before armed police arrived.

Mr Sherridan, from Preston, Lancashire, required two skin grafts to his leg due to the severity of the injuries inflicted by the dogs, including the removal of his ‘Achilles heel’, as he faces an 18-month wait for prosthetic leg ears. He said: ‘I went through the courtyard gate. I usually let them out and pet them, but I just sat there smoking a cigarette.

‘They are big dogs, they jump and want attention. The cigarette was knocked out of my hand, so I stood up and yelled. “They threw me to the ground and started to eat me. It was pretty awful. It was like people were throwing knives at me. ‘I was screaming in pain. He didn’t knock me out and I felt every bite.

They opened my hand and I realized if they could do that in one bite then I needed to cover my face but I left my ears open and they removed my ears. ‘My friend jumped on top of me. He took a couple of bites. He yelled at the dogs and they realized what they were doing. They were acting out of panic and ran inside.

‘I was bleeding from 50 wounds, no ears on my head, one near fatal bite to my neck, 18 bites to my thigh, five lacerations to my head, my arms were open at the top and my Achilles heel was torn off. They took him to the hospital in an ambulance where he stayed for two weeks and he had two skin grafts on his left leg.

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The dogs took 95 percent of his left ear and 85 percent of his right and he says that when he first saw the damage he gasped. He is on a waiting list of up to 18 months for prosthetic ears and he will have to wear a hat until then. Mr. Sherridan added: “As soon as my bandage was changed I asked my partner to take a picture and show me, he took my breath away for ten minutes.”

‘I have to walk in a beanie in sweltering heat if I don’t want to make the children cry. ‘My friend saved my life 110 percent. He’s the only reason I’m here. If there had been no intervention, I would have been savagely attacked in less than a minute.

They would have ripped off my neck and severed my head. One of them could have done the job. Sherridan claimed police took the dogs, whom he had known since they were puppies, but returned them to his friend the same day. He blamed himself for the attack because he suspects the dogs had become “irritated” after hearing him argue with someone he had met before.

“I bumped into someone I knew on the way to my friend’s house and we had a little argument. The dogs could hear us arguing, they were irritated. It was a circumstantial bummer. “I have known them since they were 13 weeks old. They love me. It’s my fault, I yelled at them. It could have been a thief. They are mothers, fathers, and children, so they are a pack.

‘My friend was not afraid and he was very courageous. He didn’t want to see him put down his dogs. ‘Dogs are back with my friend under certain restrictions. The restrictions are that they have to wear muzzles if they leave the house and all that kind of stuff. They can’t be around kids or anything like that.

Mr. Sherridan’s friends have started a fundraiser so he can set up a recording studio in his house while he recovers. A Lancashire Police spokesperson said: “We were called at 6.47 pm on April 26 to an address in Preston to receive a report of dogs biting a man.” The man in his 20s suffered serious injuries and was treated at the hospital.

“The incident was fully investigated and we are satisfied that it is a civil matter and no criminal offense has been committed. “A community protection advisory regarding dogs has been put in place.”

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