Where To See Former NFL Star Roy Williams On Storage Wars

A look at his IMDb credits will confirm that Roy Williams made several appearances on “Storage Wars: Texas” over the course of Season 2, following his debut in Episode 5. He appears in the Kennedy conspiracy-themed episode “Who Bought JFK?” (Season 2, Episode 6), searches for treasure among Texas high society in “High Tea Tighty” (Season 2, Episode 7), helps the “Storage Wars: Texas” team consider new buying strategies in “A Fistful of Auctions” (Season 2, Episode 9), and finds a collectible brochure from a Six Flags theme park dating back to the 1970s in “Fandom of the Opera” (Season 2, Episode 10).

Unfortunately, for fans of both Williams and “Storage Wars: Texas,” that marked the end of his time on the show, and he hasn’t done any other reality TV series since. However, you can still enjoy his appearances on this handful of episodes. And even though the “Storage Wars” franchise hasn’t been on A&E in years, it can still be caught on various streaming platforms like PlutoTV and The Roku Channel.

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