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The question “Where is Ted Koppy now?” may cross the minds of many who remember the veteran journalist and news anchor from his time on television. After twenty years of disseminating information to Americans, Ted Koppy had established himself as a respected and reliable journalistic voice.

Since he disappeared from the public eye, many are curious as to his current whereabouts. This article will examine the life and work of Ted Koppy, discuss his influence in journalism, and attempt to answer the burning question: “Where is Ted Koppy now?” »

Who is Ted Koppy?

Over the past two decades, Ted Koppy has established himself as a respected journalist. Koppy became a news anchor for KDLT-TV in South Dakota after graduating from Saint John’s University.

Koppy returned to New York in 1996 to serve as WHEC-TV 10 NBC’s late-night weekday anchor. After 14 years as a news anchor for various networks, he decided to temporarily hang up his microphone and try his hand at the financial industry.

Where is Ted Koppy now?

Koppy was a financial advisor at Waddel & Reed from 2011 to 2016.

After a stint as a financial adviser, Koppy returned to journalism in 2014 as an anchor for News 12 Connecticut. In November 2016, he was promoted to his current position at NBC Connecticut. Koppy airs on NBC Connecticut Today from 7:30 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. Monday through Friday.

What happened with Ted Koppy? Was he fired from NBC?

After Dan Corcoran’s departure, NBC Connecticut viewers may have seen another vacant seat at the station’s anchor desk. Ted Koppy, a popular morning presenter, has not been seen at his desk or active on social media since March 18.

On March 18, Koppy posted about the morning, then asked his followers if they remembered their ice scrapers. Heidi Voight, her morning co-anchor, took to Facebook on March 21 to set the record straight.

Voight informed his readers that Koppy would be “taking a well-deserved vacation” and that fellow journalist Mike Massaro would replace him.

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Does Ted Koppy have a wife and children?

His wife’s name is Maria. It’s been almost 20 years since Maria and Ted got married. Despite his reclusive nature, Ted often praised Maria.

Where is Ted Koppy now?

While promoting NBC CT’s Superhero Moms feature, he once said, “Maria, BTW, has been a super-duper superhero to our family for over 20 years!” next to a photo of his wife and two daughters.

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Where is Ted Koppy now?

Ted Koppy currently resides in Milford, Connecticut.


Ted Koppy established himself as a respected journalist and news anchor over the past two decades, but has since disappeared from the public eye. Ted Koppy, a morning anchor on NBC Connecticut Today, has not been seen since March 18 and currently resides in Milford, Connecticut.

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