What is the rating of the Twilight saga? What parents need to know before letting their kids watch

Because the movies are vampire movies, it should come as no surprise that there is a decent amount of violence. When Bella is stalked by the vampire James (Cam Gigandet), he follows her to an old ballet studio. Here he brutally attacks her by pushing her into mirrored walls and even biting her. Although Edward comes to her rescue, Bella reacts strongly to James’ venom. It can be disturbing to see her writhing and screaming in pain as she begins to transform. Edward manages to suck out the venom, but it’s not easy to forget Bella’s reaction.

Upcoming films have their fair share of violent moments. These include Jasper (Jackson Rathbone) rushing after Bella, Edward beheading Victoria (Bryce Dallas Howard), and especially Alice’s Vision (Ashley Greene), where the Volturi and Cullens engage in war and Carlisle ( Peter Facinelli) is killed.

However, probably the most disturbing scene for young viewers would be Bella’s delivery. Because Renesmee is half-vampire, half-human, her birth is painful and difficult. Carlisle performs a C-section and Bella nearly dies, until Edward switches her with vampire venom in her heart. Considered one of the most over-the-top moments in the “Twilight” franchise, this scene is very difficult to watch because the cast and crew aren’t shy about gruesome detail. There is a lot of blood, both on Bella’s body and on Edward’s hands as he tries to revive her.

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