What Happened Between Ridge And The Second Caroline On The Bold And The Beautiful?

Ridge Forrester (Thorsten Kaye) had lost all confidence and skills pertaining to his career as a fashion designer. Luckily, Caroline Spencer was able to serve as his muse. The more she helped him regain what he had lost, the deeper their bond became. The only issue was that she was previously involved with his son, Thomas Forrester (then Pierson Fode), and there was a lot of bad blood on the table as a result. 

Thomas aside, Ridge and Caroline were able to craft something special together that ultimately led to a genuine romance. Things were looking up for them, but as they were getting closer, an unexpected hurdle put a kink in their plans. Caroline discovered she was pregnant, but she was terrified at the idea of Thomas learning that he was the father of the baby. Sleeping with Thomas while on a pause from Ridge made the strange and twisted story of the baby’s conception even more complicated because of Ridge’s vasectomy. 

Ridge and Caroline put a plan into motion for him to raise his grandson as his own, keeping Thomas completely out of the loop. It was risky, but they felt like they were doing what was best for the child at the time. Eventually, their son arrived, and he was named Douglas Forrester after Ridge’s late mother, Stephanie Forrester (Susan Flannery). However, they knew the walls would eventually close in, and the guilt would begin to grow about keeping Thomas from his son. 

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