What Do The Contestants Do All Day?

With so much to do, it doesn’t sound like the “Hell’s Kitchen” cast gets a ton of time to rest. And if they want to eat, they cook their own food after cooking for everyone else all day. Delish spoke with executive producer Arthur Smith on how contestants handle this, and he said they often take the easy way out. There’s a stocked fridge, and many people tend to eat something quick and easy, opting for junk food. They might even be thankful when Gordon Ramsay asks them to taste their dish because they get a chance to eat something good. 

Due to busy days and constant beratement, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to hear that many people struggle emotionally while on the show. A lot of self-doubt goes around, with some people suffering from breakdowns. But there’s always an out, and if someone really wants to leave, the show would allow them to do so. Several people have quit over the years due to injury or feeling like their time on the show was done. Then, of course, there was controversial contestant Joseph Tinnelly who tried to fight Gordon Ramsay. 

Keeping all of this in mind, the contestants are kept plenty busy during the day. Even after dinner service, it sounds like they’re still in charge of cleaning up the kitchen, which is why they don’t get to bed until early in the morning to wake up maybe five hours later. More than likely, the only time the players get to have some real fun is if they win a challenge.

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