We don’t want a candidate whose absence caused another IMF

Sarah Adwoa Safo, MP for Dome Kwabenya Constituency

A group of disgruntled polling station officials from Dome Kwabenya constituency are calling for strong support for a fresh and viable candidate ahead of the upcoming 2024 elections.
Their goal is to secure a landslide victory for the party in the
Disgruntled executives expressed their displeasure with the current MP, highlighting their grievances over the MP’s absenteeism and inability to perform his parliamentary duties.
They claim that this negligence led the country to resort to seeking another rescue package from the International Monetary Fund (IMF).
The group argued that the undesirable consequences of the IMF bailout, including the stringent conditions attached to it, could have been avoided if the electronic transaction tax (E-Levy) had been passed quickly.
They believe that the unjustified delay in passing the E-Levy, which has caused great harm to the nation, can be attributed to the unjustified absence of Adwoa Safo, the current MP, from parliament.
Considering these issues, aggrieved leaders say the current candidate cannot be presented as a serious competitor to the Democratic National Congress candidate, who is gaining ground within the constituency. They underscore the need for a new candidate who demonstrates respect and commitment to effectively address the challenges facing the constituency.
“We cannot afford to endorse a candidate whose credibility is diminishing by the minute due to a lack of respect and commitment,” the group said.

The request for a new candidate reflects the concerns of disgruntled executives who believe that a fresh and dedicated representative will best serve the interests of the Dome Kwabenya constituency.
As the 2024 election approaches, their call for massive support aims to ensure decisive victory and effective constituency representation, addressing the impact of the absentee MP and paving the way for positive change.

Source: OccupyGh.com

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