Watch: Mike Pence squirms when asked if he would forgive Trump

Republican presidential candidate Mike Pence struggled not to respond after being asked if he would forgive former President Donald Trump.

During an interview on Meet the presshost Chuck Todd wondered if Pence would consider pardoning the former president after he was hit with 37 federal indictments.

“Well, I just think the question is premature,” Pence dodged. “I mean, honestly, Chuck, I’ve pardoned people who have been convicted of a crime.”

“What was your bar for a pardon?” Todd insisted.

“Well, let me say first of all that I don’t know why some of my competitors in the Republican primary are assuming the president will be found guilty,” Pence said.

“If you were President Biden, would you forgive him now?” Todd asked.

“I just think this whole thing is incredibly divisive for the country,” the former vice president said. “And listen, I just think ultimately it’s sad for me that we’re now in this moment.”

At a recent CNN town hall, Pence also declined to say whether he would forgive Trump.

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