Watch Jennifer Lopez & Ben Affleck Sing In Birthday Clip

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are giving couple goals! The Latina beauty recently celebrated her husband’s 51st completed trip around the sun with the sweetest tribute.

The iconic pair appear to be the epitome of true love as they rekindled their romance more than a decade after their failed engagement. Their second attempt at building a lasting bond seems successful, given their frequent PDA moments.

In their latest show of affection, the “Ain’t Your Mama” songstress commemorated her beau’s 51st birthday with a rare glimpse at their lives away from stardom. 

Jennifer Lopez & Ben Affleck Give Heartwarming Performance In Matching Outfits

On Tuesday, August 15, J.Lo rang in her lover’s new age with an adorable video of the pair on her Instagram page. The 6-time ALMA Award recipient filmed herself in the passenger seat of a car with her doting husband at the wheel.

For their drive, the pair rocked matching white tops, with the celebrant flaunting his toned muscles in a t-shirt while the “Monster-in-Law” actress donned a tank top. The Latina beauty had the window rolled down, letting her hair flow with the wind as she sang along with the Hollywood veteran.

Sam Cooke’s iconic love song “(What A) Wonderful World” played in the background, with the duo effortlessly matching the lyrics word for word. Although their voices were drowned by the late soul artist’s powerful vocals, the spouses appeared to be giving an emotional performance, as seen in the video.

“Dear Ben … Happy Birthday. I love you!” The two-time Grammy nominee captioned the heartwarming clip. Naturally, fans were touched to see the lovebirds acting like normal couples with their adorable car karaoke session.

“You two are the reason why I believe in true love,” someone claimed. Another Bennifer supporter chimed: “This is too cute. You glow when you’re with him. Happy Birthday Ben!” A third reflected on the duo’s love story, writing: “True love always finds its way back.”

More cries of couple goals dominated the comment section, with someone declaring the pair “the most adorable couple” they had ever seen. However, a few wished to hear Affleck sing and implored Lopez to share the unedited clip. “Let’s hear Ben sing. We need to hear that angelic voice,” a fan teased.

As for the celebrant’s mood on his 51st birthday, a source claimed the “Pearl Harbor” star was doing better than ever. The insider revealed to PEOPLE, “Everything is going well in his life. He is happy and content.”

Ben Affleck & Jennifer Lopez Seen Having Another Heated Exchange At A Red Light Amid Claims That The Actor Is 'Miserable'

The informant’s words matched the narrative shared by a different source earlier in August when the two-time Oscar winner and his wife were spotted at a Flying Point Surf and Skate store in Southampton, New York. The filmmaker reportedly purchased a T-shirt that read: “Woke Up Sexy As Hell Again.”

Addressing their outing, the insider revealed: “They were very friendly to the staff and were both very happy that afternoon. After exiting, they smiled and started walking down the sidewalk to continue their day.”

Before this public sighting, the “Justice League” star commemorated Lopez’s 54th birthday in July. As seen in the pictures shared by the celebrant in her “On the JLo” newsletter, the spouses could not keep their hands off each other.

According to the TV personality’s caption, her husband hosted the party at their new house with their blended family in attendance. The lovebirds each have children from previous relationships.

J.Lo Flaunted Her Husband’s Mesmerizing Body In Honor Of Father’s Day

Birthday tributes are not the only moments the “Blood and Wine” star shows off her beau. In June, the triple-threat entertainer caused a stir on social media by sharing Affleck’s shirtless picture to celebrate Father’s Day.

The semi-nude snap captured the Hollywood hunk in all his muscular glory and tattoos. Alongside this tempting image, Lopez shared a video of herself praising the Berkeley native’s abilities as a father.

“He’s an amazing dad. It brings tears to my eyes. He is, honestly, the best dad I have ever seen. He’s so involved. You know, he teaches me about how to kind of interact with the kids sometimes,” the 3-time AMA claimed.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck attend the Lakers vs. Boston game

According to the “Maid in Manhattan” actress, her husband must have learned everything he could about parenting through books, given the wealth of knowledge he applied when dealing with his kids.

Declaring her husband as the best gift a child could ever need, Lopez said: “That’s all you can ask for a present, a loving dad who cares and shows up every single day, and that’s who he is.”

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