Wanted Joaquin Carranza, Jaraughn Bertram, Jordan Sumner

Federal authorities announced a crackdown on a drug and gun ring in Indiana on Friday, June 23, 2023. Inset photos from left: Joaquin Carranza, Jaraughn Bertram and Jordan Sumner (photos by law enforcement identification; crime scene screenshot from CBS4 Indy)

Nineteen people have been charged in raids targeting drug traffickers linked to Mexican cartels with arsenals of weapons, including machine guns, who shipped fentanyl by courier from Arizona to Indiana.

As part of the operation, federal, state and local law enforcement officers from 16 agencies served arrest warrants and search warrants Thursday at 18 locations in central Indiana and Utah. Arizona, officials said in a news release. Sixteen people were arrested and taken into federal custody. Three are fugitives – Jaraughn Bertram, 20, Jordan Sumner, 22 and Joaquin Carranza, 18.

“The reason we’re doing this is because the drug dealers that’s out there, the people running out there, running around with guns, you know, shooting people, killing people, putting our community at risk,” U.S. Attorney Zachary Myers said in a press conference Friday. “They need to hear that this is what is coming, that federal law enforcement, state law enforcement, local law enforcement, we are working together to identify the worst offenders. We’ll spend whatever time it takes to identify everyone involved, to find where you’re hiding your drugs, where you’re hiding your weapons. We will get warrants. We will seize them. We will sue you and seek to hold you accountable in court.

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