Video shows the moment Deion Patterson was arrested at a Cobb County apartment complex

Footage shows the suspect positioned on the ground with his hands raised above his head and his back to the officers. He continues to crawl towards them before they apprehend him.

It has been verified by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that an employee of the organization lost his life in the shooting incident that took place in the medical office building of Northside Hospital Midtown.

Benjamin N. Haynes, who is the director of the Media Relations Division, expressed his condolences via an email to FOX3. He said the CDC is deeply saddened by the unexpected death of a colleague who was a victim of the Midtown Atlanta shooting. Haynes added that the organization sympathizes with the family, friends and colleagues of the deceased employee during this time of remembrance and bereavement.

According to Julian St. Pierre, the wife of the deceased, the CDC employee who lost her life in the Midtown Atlanta shooting was Amy St. Pierre.

Book photo of Deion Patterson, the man charged with opening fire at a doctor’s office in the city center, killing 1 and injuring 4. He has been charged with murder and four counts of aggravated assault .

As of Wednesday evening, four other women who were also shot in the incident were still receiving medical attention, three of them in critical condition.

Grady Memorial Hospital’s chief medical officer, Dr Robert Jansen, said his team of surgeons and staff spent many hours providing care to the injured women.

The shooting took place around 12:08 p.m. in a waiting room on the upper floor of the Northside Hospital Midtown medical building on West Peachtree Street.

Amy St. Pierre was reportedly present for a medical appointment at the time.

Four other women aged 71, 56, 39 and 25 were taken to Grady Hospital, each arriving at the hospital 20 to 30 minutes apart.

Initially, police alerted the hospital to prepare for up to 12 patients. Therefore, the hospital launched a “mass event” and gathered enough surgeons, nurses, chaplains and other staff to treat the injured.

In response to the shooting, the hospital implemented heightened security measures and temporarily halted visitor access, as authorities were unsure of the shooter’s whereabouts.

All four victims were taken to hospital by Grady EMS. Upon their arrival, two of the patients who were in critical condition were immediately taken to the operating room, where surgeons were waiting for them.

As for another seriously injured patient, his treatment was carried out by “interventional radiology”, which is an invasive procedure generally used for specific types of injuries, in particular those affecting the blood vessels. Although this patient will require follow-up procedures, Dr. Jansen did not provide further details.

The patient, who was in stable condition, received treatment at the trauma center and is not expected to undergo surgery.

Meanwhile, the other three victims are undergoing treatment in the intensive care unit, with Dr Jansen calling their injuries “very serious”. After the shooting, the families of at least two of the patients had arrived at the hospital to be with their loved ones, and Dr Jansen highlighted the hospital’s quick response to prepare for the treatment of the victims.

Grady Hospital is now the only Level 1 trauma center in the city, after the Atlanta Medical Center closed last year, capable of treating the most serious injuries. Dr Jansen expressed pride in the performance of the entire Grady staff, saying the response was “absolutely transparent”.

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