Video of BurnaBoy Walking Out On His Mum And Grandpa During An Interview Goes Viral Online

Grammy Award winner Damini Ebunoluwa Ogulu professionally known as Burnaboy has been trailed by backlash following a throwback video about him that surfaced online.

Burnaboy walks out on his mother, Bose Ogulu, and his grandfather (mom’s father) during an interview with a white journalist, saying it was boring.

Bose Ogulu narrates her ordeal as the band manager’s daughter in the video, in which she is chastised by the band for her father’s failure to pay the band.

Reacting to this, the grandpa in the video disclosed how he pays the band from his own salary and it gets to the extent of them not getting paid due to unavailability of legal tender.

The grandpa added that things are now different as artistes now perform because of money and lack the spirituality.

Moment later, Burnaboy bounced from the interview telling his mother, grandpa and interviewer that it is a boring episode.

While the grandpa said it is getting interesting, the mother looks unhappy over Burnaboy action.

Watch the video below;

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