Victor Terrell Murdered Stephanie Haynes: Police

Victor Terrell murdered Stephanie Haynes and burned down her house, police said. (Mugshot: Chicago Police Department; Screenshot: WLS)

Chicago, Illinois police say it was Victor Terrell, 35, who murdered pregnant Stephanie Haynes, 34, and burned down her home more than two years ago.

“I’m in shock,” the victim’s sister, Lesley Haynes, told WLS at the time of the murder. “I can’t believe someone would do something like that to her because she wouldn’t hurt a fly.”

Police said Terrell was arrested Friday in the 8000 block of S. Houston Avenue.

“He has been identified as the offender who on November 9, 2020 participated in the arson and death of a 34-year-old woman in the 5000 block of W. Gladys Ave (15th District),” wrote agents. “The offender has been taken into custody and charged accordingly.”

Terrell faces one count of first-degree murder, aggravated arson knowing someone is present and concealing the death of another. Cops didn’t immediately suggest a motive as to why he killed Stephanie Haynes. They also did not detail the connection between the two.

Officers at the time said they believed the victim had died before the fire.

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