Vanessa will finally become a mutant

If there’s one Marvel franchise that can get a little more creative with reality, it’s “Deadpool.” Unlike the strict rules of logic in “Avengers: Endgame”, “Deadpool” was built on a foundation of anarchy. The continuity is tenuous at best, especially in the sequel. Although Vanessa’s untimely death motivates all of Wade’s actions, she unceremoniously appears in a mid-credits sequence thanks to time travel. So it wouldn’t be a problem if her origin was changed to a mutant persuasion, especially since she’s a shapeshifter.

A simple explanation for Vanessa from Morena Baccarin could be that she is just one of many forms of Copycat that Wade was unaware of. Or maybe he did, and the movie will just add that information without any preamble. Considering it’s “Deadpool,” however, it’s unlikely to be that simple.

With the confirmation that Hugh Jackman is returning as Wolverine, it seems no one can predict what’s to come in the new film. In an interview with ET Canada, Ryan Reynolds gave the distinct impression that we’ll be seeing a whole new version of the character. “What we offered [Jackman] was different enough from the character he knows and the character he left behind that it gave him something completely new to play and something he’s really excited to do,” he explained. . Vanessa could also be different, bringing her closer to her comic and mutant-earth origins.

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