Vanessa Hudgens knew immediately that Cole Tucker was the one

Vanessa Hudgens knew “within days” of meeting Cole Tucker that he was her future husband.

Vanessa Hudgens knew immediately that Cole Tucker was the one

Vanessa Hudgens knew immediately that Cole Tucker was the one

The 34-year-old actress is looking forward to marrying the baseball player and has revealed she has had a “new sense of security” since meeting Cole.

She told ‘Today’: “It’s amazing.

“It’s so funny, I was talking about it with Cole…People always say, ‘Does it feel any different? [Do] things look different [getting engaged]?’

“That was always my question normally, but now it’s being asked. And you know what, it really does.

“You feel so safe. It’s the best thing ever. I love being a bride. I knew. After our first weekend together, I called my sister and said, ‘I think I just found my future husband.’ »

The couple first met during a Zoom meditation and yoga class during the COVID-19 pandemic and Vanessa then slid into their DMs.

Meanwhile, Vanessa recently insisted she’s ‘manifested’ all that has been successful in her life.

She told ‘Entertainment Tonight’: “I’ve manifested my relationship, my home, my career. There’s so much. As long as you’re really specific, it might not always come when you expect it or want, but it will always come back one way or another.

The ‘Beastly’ star – who lost his father Greg to cancer in 2016, just hours before starring as Rizzo in ‘Grease Live’ – is now exploring his magical side in the new documentary ” Dead Hot: Season of the Witch”. ‘.

She went on to add that she “connects” with angels every day and finds it “motivating” to be able to stay in touch with spirituality explaining that she was drawn to the Tubi Project in order to “heal trauma ancestral”. ”.

She added, “Because they’re always there with you, so I tuned in. I always take a moment to tune in to spirit, and the easiest thing for me is my spirit brigade. It’s just like a really nurturing, grounding, protective thing to be able to consciously do. In a crazy world, I do that a lot. I kind of wanted to know who they were specifically so I could be more intimate with them, and I definitely got it.

“I mean, I’ve always said that the only way to heal ancestral trauma is to bring it to light, and witchcraft has been portrayed as this demonic thing through film for years.”

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