Utah Resident Fatally Shot in Encounter with FBI: Individual Linked to Online Threats Against Biden | Wayne Dupree

Craig Robertson, a resident of Utah, was fatally shot on Wednesday during an encounter with FBI agents who were carrying out a search and arrest warrant. Authorities have stated that the individual had made multiple online threats targeting President Biden and other political figures.

According to federal law enforcement sources, Craig Robertson was fatally shot by FBI agents on Wednesday morning at a residence in Provo, Utah. The agents were executing an arrest and search warrant at the time. According to a law enforcement source, the individual was reported to possess a weapon.


On Wednesday afternoon, President Biden arrived in Salt Lake City as part of his planned trip to the state. Provo is located approximately 45 minutes away from Salt Lake City by car.

According to a federal complaint filed on Monday, Robertson has been charged with interstate threats, influencing, impeding, and retaliating against federal law enforcement officers by threat, as well as threats against the president.

Prosecutors assert On Monday, Robertson shared on social media that he had heard about Biden’s upcoming visit to Utah. Preparing for a mission, I retrieved my previously used ghille suit and meticulously removed the accumulated dust from my M24 sniper rifle. Welcome, Mr. Buffoon-in-Chief!

Robertson’s Facebook page, which is now private, displayed that the Utah man was the owner of “Craig’s Custom Woods, LLC.” According to state records, the company’s registration took place in June 2020.

According to online obituaries, Robertson was married twice and had three children. Robertson divorced his first wife in 1986 and subsequently remarried in 1988. On April 20, 2008, his second wife passed away.

Federal prosecutors have detailed a number of purported threats made by Robertson towards politicians.

Alvin Bragg. Heading to New York to fulfill my dream of addressing another political issue related to George Soros’ two-bit district attorneys. I will be waiting in the courthouse parking garage with my suppressed Smith & Wesson M&P 9mm. The user expressed a desire to harm Bragg with a firearm and observe the consequences. Goodbye to another corrupt individual. According to reports, Robertson purportedly penned a statement on a social media platform.

The current political climate may be conducive to discussions surrounding potential changes in leadership. Joe Biden was elected as the President of the United States, followed by Kamala Harris as the Vice President. Robertson purportedly penned on September 19, 2022.

“Death to Joe Biden,” he purportedly wrote in another social media post on September 23, 2022.

In one Facebook post, Robertson allegedly identified himself as a supporter of the “Make America Great Again” movement and former President Donald Trump.

“Hey Merrick Garland, please send your FBI Swat Team to my house,” he wrote. I will not engage in a confrontation with individuals who lack courage.

He allegedly expressed concerns about potential censorship by Facebook and a visit from the FBI if he were to openly discuss his thoughts on Joe Biden.

On an undisclosed date, charging documents indicated that Robertson informed an FBI agent outside his residence, “Our interaction is concluded!” Do not come back unless you have a warrant! 

According to federal prosecutors, threats were made by Robertson towards California Governor Gavin Newsom.

Supposedly, he wrote about yet another dream filled with patriotism. I am observing Gavin Newsom with an injury above his brow, while my suppressed S&W M&P 9mm remains emitting smoke. National Day of Intellectual Liberation!


According to a court filing, an FBI agent stated that Robertson seemed to possess a sniper rifle and a ghillie suit, along with several other firearms.

The incident on X, formerly known as Twitter, was addressed by a spokesperson for the U.S. Secret Service.

The FBI investigation involving an individual in Utah who has exhibited threats towards a Secret Service protectee is within our knowledge. The spokesperson stated that they work closely with the Bureau and that the effort is led by the FBI. They advised directing any related questions to the FBI and DOJ.


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