Use a heavier hand when applying blush on designated photo days for better photos

Makeup artist Jenny Patinkin told Self that a major mistake people often make is not blushing heavily enough on big photo days, like weddings. As she explained, “I tell brides you want to have 20% more blush than you would on a normal day because you want to balance the lights.” Patinkin explained, “If you don’t wear enough blush, you can lose dimension in the cheeks.”

Of course, a common mistake of applying blush is also using too much, so there’s a mid-range to aim for here. Start with less than you think you need, take a few shots to see if it works for you, then add more until you get the look you want. Also, make sure you’ve chosen the right brush shape for your blush and be sure to bring both with you if you go out so you can touch up your makeup throughout the day.

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