UPDATE: Victims called police 5 times in 10 minutes before deadly neighbor showdown | wayne dupree

In the more than 10-minute period leading up to the shooting that left five people dead and sparked a search for the shooter, family at the Texas residence where a man wielded an AR-15 weapon made five phone calls to the police, according to a resident of the house.

Wilson Garcia claimed to have urged his neighbor to pull away later Friday night since Garcia’s infant son was sleeping soundly. Garcia said when the guy refused, he dialed 911. The Associated Press reported the family made four more calls.

“I ordered my wife to come in. Garcia said, “This guy loaded his gun. My wife advised me to enter the house because “he won’t shoot me, I’m a woman”, she said.

The first victim was Sonia Argentina Guzman, 25, Garcia’s wife. Garcia’s 9-year-old child also perished. More than a dozen people, Garcia said, were in her home at the time, and two ladies died while babysitting her newborn and 2-year-old daughter, who were uninjured.

San Jacinto County Sheriff Greg Capers said he only had three officers patrolling 700 square miles, which is why the Cleveland Police Department took so long to respond. Cleveland is located approximately 45 miles north of Houston. When the cops arrived, they saw a horrible scene.

According to Capers, “everyone who was shot was shot from the neck upwards, almost execution style”, and the suspect, Francisco Oropeza, who has been deported four times since 2009, allegedly consumed alcohol. alcohol before the shooting.

Despite a search involving more than 250 law enforcement officers from various jurisdictions on Monday, Oropeza, 38, remains at large. On Monday, the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office reported two potential sightings; however, each time the searches yielded nothing. “He could be anywhere right now,” Capers added.

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