University mental health startup Uwill raises $30 million

Uwill, a mental health platform for colleges and students, completed a $30 million Series A funding round led by Education Growth Partners.


The company partners with colleges to provide students with on-demand virtual access to licensed therapists and providers trained in crisis counseling. Students can also attend wellness events online through the company’s mental health and wellness app.

Series A funds will be used to scale the company’s growth and platform.

“We were particularly impressed with the company’s ability to work collaboratively with college leaders and existing mental health support to address unmet needs on campus. Uwill’s solution provides great value to colleges and, more importantly, students at a time when mental health is of paramount importance,” Andy Kaplan, managing partner at EGP, said in a statement.

“The amazing impact and growth Uwill has achieved in a short time cannot be overstated.”


A recent survey revealed that more than 60% of students met the criteria for one or more mental health conditions in 2020 and 2021, an increase of nearly 50% from 2013.

In 2020, Uwill won a $3.25 million investment led by Run-DMC rapper Darryl McDaniels. A year later, it completed its $5.2 million angel funding round. The company says it has since established relationships with more than 150 colleges.

Mantra Health is another company providing higher education institutions and students with mental health services. A raising of 5 million dollars in March.

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