Understanding Lover Waited For Benz Owner To Take His Girlfriend’s Number

They claim that dating is a game best played by the courageous, not the weak. It has essentially been confirmed by a video seen on instagram.

Since many people don’t appear to be able to wrap their heads around the video’s content, it has sparked discussions and reactions on the website.

The young man who is allegedly walking with his “love of my life” was reportedly stopped by one of the large lads in his opulent vehicle, according to the footage.

Unfortunately for the young man, the owner of the car contacted his girlfriend, and while he watches on, what appears to have been a contact exchange takes place between the two.

Internet users are baffled as to why he fell so low to allow such an act to take place in his presence. Others urged him to learn from it and concentrate on making money instead because that is the only language ladies can comprehend.

A portion of internet users also think the woman is his sister and that there is no platonic relationship between them.

View the video below to add your thoughts to those that have already been sent.

Source: OccupyGh.com 

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