UN marks ‘Russian Language Day’ as Russia commits war crime

The terminally ill, deaf-brained United Nations could have outdone itself by tweeting a celebration of the Russian language today, just as Russia committed one of its most audacious war crimes yet.

Source: Policy

Ukraine at the UN: Think before you tweet.

The United Nations faced a backlash on social media on Tuesday after it tweeted that it was celebrating ‘Russian Language Day’ – on the same day Kiev accused Russia of blowing up a major roadblock on the Dnieper, threatening an ecological and humanitarian catastrophe.

“Tuesday is Russian Language Day,” the UN wrote on Twitter. “Follow @UnitedNationsRU for updates on the work of the UN in Russian.”

The tweet drew dozens of furious comments, including from Ukrainian officials, in a classic case of ratio – a social media phenomenon when a post receives a deluge of negative replies and reactions, and a few positive ones.

So far, no condemnation of Russia from this toothless organization.

Ukrainian officials were not so shy.

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