Tyler Perry clears up confusion over his interest in buying BET

Despite competition from Diddy and Byron Allen, Tyler Perry said he was “very interested” in buying BET.

Talk with entertainment tonightPerry has confirmed that he wants to add Black Entertainment Television to his portfolio.

“Rumor? No, it’s not a rumour,” he said. HEY during an interview at Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta. “I’ve been there for four years now and I’ve had huge success. I didn’t expect this to happen, so yes, if it’s possible, I’m very, very interested.

As previously reported, Paramount Global is seeking to sell a majority stake in BET Media Group, which includes BET, BET+, BET Her, BET Studios (BET’s production arm), BET Digital and VH1.

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BET was founded in 1980 by Bob Johnson and his wife Sheila Johnson. Paramount, then known as Viacom, acquired the network in 2001 for $2.3 billion.

While Perry praised the brand’s current ownership, he said he would like to see BET return to black ownership.

“I think there was sadness when Bob sold it, and I think there will be happiness when it’s back to Black,” Perry said. “And even if Shari (Redstone) and what is it? Viacom and Paramount? They did a phenomenal job with it. They didn’t let it fall by the wayside, they didn’t let it crumble into dust. They fed him and took care of him. »

Perry’s Comedy sisters broadcast on BET. He also owns a financial stake in the BET+ subscription streaming service.

Details emerged in March that Paramount was considering a potential sale of BET Media Group, prompting Byron Allen and Diddy to also express interest.

“I heard about Byron Allen and Puffy and all the people who wanted to bid etc., and I think that’s really great,” Perry said.

“That’s what I love about it – when Bob Johnson sold it in 2000, I think it was, there wasn’t a single black man who could buy it,” a- he added. “So now see all these black men and women who are able to be able to buy it? Man, that makes me really, really excited.

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