TV shows you didn’t know share a universe

The creators of “South Park” may find “Family Guy” infuriating, but “The Simpsons” team seems to have a more magnanimous view of their fellow hosts at Fox, with the two shows occasionally indulging in back-and-forth shouting. come. that go beyond simple references or parodies through the years. For Seth MacFarlane and company, who owe a debt of gratitude to the elder series, the chance to advance those credentials with a full-fledged hour-long crossover episode in 2014 must have been a dream come true.

In an Entertainment Weekly interview with “The Simpsons” creator Matt Groening, MacFarlane credited “The Simpsons” with inspiring his path forward, noting, “I’m the first person to say, stylistically, absolutely, we took 100 clues from The Simpsons.” According to ‘Family Guy’ creator, Rich Appel, who worked in various ways on both series, led the team – a ‘Family Guy’ episode in the style of ‘The Simpsons’ featuring characters from Springfield .

The episode follows the Griffins as they travel to Springfield, where they cross paths with The Simpsons. While Peter and Homer search for the Griffins’ car, Bart and Stewie end up joking on the phone together, Lisa hooks up with Meg, and Marge and Lois discover they have a lot in common when it comes to their husbands. While far from being the series’ best episode of either show, “Simpsons Guy” was a dream come true for fans of both shows while establishing their place in the same television universe as canon.

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