‘Trying to make things unsayable’: Enid Blyton’s books being rewritten

Hot on the heels of Roald Dahl’s books facing “politically correct censorship” comes the news Enid Blyton’s children’s books are also being rewritten, says Sky News host Peta Credlin.

Ms Credlin said the “bigger issue” is the “mind control inherent in trying to make some things unsayable”.

“If they’re unsayable, they’re unthinkable – George Orwell was right onto this with his ‘ministry of truth’ in the book ‘1984’,” she said.

“First, there’s the rewriting of history, and then comes the manipulation of language, so that people are sealed off from part of themselves.

“It would be a tragedy if large swathes of the Western canon, the best of our literature, were to be withdrawn – or re-written in sanitised language – just because the best minds of the past, upset the small minds of the present.

“But that’s the way clearly we’re headed.”

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