Trump’s Flying Entrance Steals the Show at Iowa State Fair, Leaving DeSantis in the Dust | Wayne Dupree

During the Iowa State Fair on Saturday, an interesting incident occurred involving Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis. As the Florida governor was engaging with attendees and flipping burgers to gain support, Trump made a grand entrance by flying planes over the event. This unexpected spectacle captured the attention of the crowd, leading them to chant “we want Trump!” This incident highlighted the significant presence and popularity of Donald Trump among GOP voters, momentarily overshadowing Ron DeSantis’ efforts to garner support.

In the state of Iowa, DeSantis is currently behind Trump by a significant margin, with a difference of more than ten percentage points. The other candidates in the race are also considerably behind, with a larger gap between them and the frontrunners. The GOP candidates aim to enhance their position by making appearances at the fair. One of the notable events that took place recently was a rap show organized by Vivek Ramaswamy. Additionally, Kari Lake from Arizona engaged in a conversation with a reporter from The New York Times. These instances were just a few examples of the various attempts made to gain attention. During his tenure as Vice President under the Trump administration, Mike Pence notably mentioned a particular insect known as The Face Fly.

As DeSantis humbly served burgers and connected with Iowa Republicans, the undeniable presence of Trump loomed overhead, symbolized by the ex-president’s private jet gracefully soaring above the fairgrounds.

The enthusiastic Trump supporters passionately chanting “we want Trump!” and “we love Trump!” in order to respectfully express their unwavering support, thereby overshadowing the governor’s remarks. The dedicated supporters of the Make America Great Again movement have been engaging in certain actions against DeSantis, aiming to undermine the leading contender challenging Trump’s influence within the party.

The news quickly spread from the grassroots to the realm of social media, as expected.

The DeSantis campaign faced numerous disruptions from fly-overs. Amidst the anticipation of the 2024 challenger’s speech at the fair alongside Governor Kim Reynolds, a plane soared above, carrying a sign that urged, “Embrace likability, Ron!”

The biased media and the Trump campaign have been quick to highlight DeSantis’s alleged unlikeable interactions, clearly attempting to undermine his credibility and hinder his rise as a formidable contender to President Trump.

The governor’s campaign recently underwent a necessary reorganization, with several staffers being let go, including his campaign manager.

As per the latest report from Real Clear Politics, President Trump has significantly widened his lead over Governor DeSantis, with a remarkable margin of nearly 40 points.


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