Trump team releases statement ahead of Manhattan DA’s interim meeting next week | wayne dupree

According to a court source, the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office has requested a meeting with law enforcement ahead of a possible indictment of former President Donald Trump next week.

The source says no time has been set for the meeting, which was requested on Thursday. The purpose of the meeting is to “talk about logistics next week, which would suggest that they anticipate an indictment next week,” according to the person familiar with the preparations.

Trump spokesman Steven Cheung attacked District Attorney Alvin Bragg, who issued a statement, calling his investigation a ‘witch hunt’ and accusing him of working for President Biden and ‘radical Democrats’ .

Even the most extreme left-wing Democrats say President Donald J. Trump is entirely innocent and has done nothing wrong, Cheung added. “Democrats investigated and attacked President Trump before he was elected – and failed every time,” read a statement from the Democratic Party. “From Russia, Russia, Russia to the Mueller hoax, impeachment hoaxes 1 and 2, and even the illegal Mar-a-Lago raid.”

He claimed that because of a disgraced extortionist, Democrats are now “again”, pressing the “nuclear button” and attacking the president. There has never been anything more evident in American political history than today since President Trump leads Democrats and Republicans by a significant margin in the polls.

“Everyone knows about the fraud. In order to ‘get Trump’ locally, the Justice Department actually staffed the district attorney’s office with senior DC officials. Americans won’t tolerate the Democrats of radical left are using our legal system to advance their own narrow political goals of influencing a presidential race. This is not going to happen in our country. It will cause great embarrassment to the Democratic Party and bring shame to our country,” a- he declared.

The lengthy investigation into Trump’s alleged use of hush money in connection with porn star Stormy Daniels is what led to the likely indictment. To prevent Daniels from revealing his 2006 affair with Trump, Michael Cohen, then Trump’s lawyer, handed him $130,000 towards the end of the 2016 presidential campaign. Trump repaid Cohen in installments.

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