Trump responds to Macron’s call for US independence; He kisses Jinping’s ass | wayne dupree

According to Donald Trump, French President Emmanuel Macron traveled to China to meet Xi Jinping and “kiss his ass”. The former US president spoke to Fox News host Tucker Carlson during his first appearance on national television following his indictment in New York.

The presumptive Republican Party presidential nominee claimed in a rambling interview that the United States has lost power in the world since he left office.

He told Carlson, “You’ve got this crazy world, it’s exploding and the United States has absolutely nothing to say.” And my friend Macron, who is done with China, fucks his ass. Ok, in China! France is now going to China, I said.

Following a state visit to China last week, Macron sparked controversy by urging Europeans not to become too dependent on US foreign policy.

In comments to reporters, Macron stressed that European nations should avoid getting drawn into the ongoing standoff between Beijing and Washington over Taiwan.

While the US administration promises to help Taiwan defend itself, China has promised to regain control of Taiwan.

After speaking with Xi on Friday about Taiwan, Macron issued a warning against Europe “caught in crises that are not ours, which prevents it from building its strategic autonomy”.

The contradiction, according to Macron, is that we think we are just supporters of America because we are so terrified. The worst-case scenario would be that we Europeans believe that we have to take a passive role in this affair and follow the American agenda and the reactions of China.

The White House took pains to downplay the remarks, saying the Biden administration is still “comfortable and confident in the tremendous bilateral relationship we have with France,” despite the remarks sparking backlash. concern in Washington.

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