Trump: people are leaving with refrigerators and air conditioners!

Donald Trump addresses the crowd of old white people at the NRA convention. After doing his usual hyperbolic rampage of Joe Biden and the Democrats, he leaned into crime and came out with this doozy:

For example, when you see these gangs of hundreds of young people, usually young people, going to attack an apartment store – department stores in San Francisco, Los Angeles and Chicago, and they rush in by the hundreds and they come out with refrigerators and carrying air conditioners and big stuff. Big, small, everything. Fur coats, not fur coats, whatever they wear. They empty the stores.

I bet those young thugs don’t even carry those fridges under their coats like we did back then. They just carry them on their shoulders. A fridge on one shoulder and an air conditioner on the other.

But TFG wasn’t done there. He had to go on and blame the left for scaring the cops out of doing their job:

And we, our police officers are incredible, but they don’t have the right to do their job. They want so much to do their job. They are there, they are shaking. They want to do their job. It would be so easy to do, but they are not allowed to do their job because of these radical lunatics, who think they are doing the right thing.

I don’t even think they think they’re doing the right thing. The politically incorrect truth that no one on the left wants to admit is that violent crimes are rarely committed by illegal gun owners. It is committed by a brutal class of hardened repeat offenders. That’s who does it. In San Francisco.

Looks like The Hair Furor thinks it’s the job of the police to just shoot people. Especially if they are black. Or LGBTQ. Or just different in any way.

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