Trump: I will be arrested. Please send me $3,300. THANKS

Former President Donald Trump has claimed he will be charged today, but that cannot be confirmed. It will happen, but we are not sure it will happen today. We’re sure he’s a scammer, though. And the warrant candidate is raising funds for his potential indictment.

Trump sent an email asking his fire-breathing supporters to sign a petition protesting his possible indictment.

Business Insider reports:

But signing that petition takes people straight to a page where they’re asked to donate $3,300 or other suggested amounts in cash to his 2024 campaign.

“They are trying to intimidate YOU and override YOUR vote!” Trump’s team wrote in an email to supporters seen by Insider on Monday.

“That’s why the Trump Campaign for President 2024 is compiling millions and millions of petition signatures from Americans like you CONDEMNING these threats of possible arrest,” the email reads. He also called on “74 million patriots” to answer the call and sign the petition.

Can you imagine sending money to defend a so-called scandal-ridden billionaire?

Clicking on the petition link in the message takes recipients to a page asking for donations to “help DEFEND our America First movement in these dark times.”

The post says supporters can donate any amount, but suggests amounts such as $500, $1,000, and $3,300, among others.

Trump supporters, we urge you to donate to your hero. Send it all your money to prove you’re loyal and you’re Ultra MAGA – every penny.

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