Trump: I proudly wear the indictment as a badge of courage; defends the values ​​of the nation against the radical left | wayne dupree

During his speech at the Faith and Freedom forum on Saturday, the former president remarked that it was an honor to be indicted for the people. He added that he considers this a great sign of courage, whenever he is accused by radical left democrats, Marxists, communists and fascists. “For you, I am indicted,” he said. And by “you,” he meant over 200 million people who cherish our nation.

The group’s annual gathering, dubbed the “Road to Majority Policy Conference,” is billed as the largest gathering of conservative Christian activists in the country.

At the start of his speech at the Washington Hilton in Washington, DC, Trump addressed his adoring supporters directly.

To thunderous applause, he said, “I think our enemies are waging war on science, religion, history, tradition, democracy and Almighty God Himself. Radicals attack religious beliefs, destroy free speech and destroy our Constitution.

Finally, he added: “What a fantastic Saturday night. For religion, we are here. Not my campaign, that. This is our initiative.

The crowd chanted, “We want Trump,” in response.

Although he spent a lot of time seeking support from the faith community for his re-election campaign, he also focused much of his roughly hour-long speech on well-known issues and complaints, such as the idea that Democrats and others have worked against him since the start of his first presidential campaign.

Days after former Justice Department special counsel John Durham testified on Capitol Hill about how his four-year investigation into the origins of the Trump-Russia collusion hoax revealed the FBI had begun the investigation without any predictive evidence, he said: “This is a continuation of the greatest witch hunt of all time, which was fully exposed in the Durham Report.”

He said: “They tried to overthrow a presidency with hoaxes and witch hunts, and they’re still trying. “We don’t let them. The greatest abuse of power I’ve ever seen is when [President] Joe Biden has turned law enforcement into a weapon to meddle in our elections.

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