True or false, Adam Silver said “gun safety is important, guns are not toys”

Does it matter if the gun Ja Morant showed off in his latest Instagram Live was real or fake? This is a question that has been circulating on the internet for a few days.

On a recent episode of “The Dan Patrick Show,” NBA commissioner Adam Silver addressed talk of the gun possibly being a toy gun, as well as the situation in his together.

Adam Silver answers the question: real or fake gun, does it matter?

Adam Silver on "The Dan Patrick Show"
The Dan Patrick Show – YouTube

When asked if Morant’s May Instagram Live investigation was complete and Silver was only waiting for the end of the finale before announcing a decision, Silver replied, “We’re waiting for the end of the finale. “

Silver went on to explain that he was aware of things being said online about the gun in the video that Morant showed was possibly a fake gun.

“I’m of course aware of these reports on social media that the weapon was actually a gun, so we haven’t completely sealed it off,” Silver said, asking Patrick if that. mattered.

“You know, it’s interesting, the very problem is, for Ja certainly in the first incident, treating a gun like a toy. That’s what we’re talking about and that’s what I think is the danger to society; take a gun, broadcast it live. Without getting into gun issues in terms of ownership and use of guns, I think everyone agrees that safety firearms is of crucial importance and that firearms are not toys.

Ja Morant
NBA on ESPN – YouTube

Silver then reiterated that gun safety is the issue, and it doesn’t matter if the gun in the video is real or fake.

“If you’re live-streaming something that, to the world, looks exactly like a gun, and in a downright reckless way, whether or not it’s a real gun should have a importance?” Money explained.

“I will say that at the end of the day, in terms of doing my job, whatever is presented to us is relevant. Past conduct is relevant, the circumstances in which you act, whatever the act, becomes relevant, and in this case, of course, we will take into account whatever is presented to us.

Adam Silver was disappointed by Ja Morant’s choice to flash a gun during an Instagram live for a second time

Ja Morant
Malika Andrews ESPN – YouTube

While talking about Morant’s recent string of issues, many said they thought Silver was personally disappointed and felt disappointed after the second IG Live incident, because Morant seemed sincere that he was going to make better choices. Patrick asked if that was the case, and Silver agreed he was disappointed.

“Honestly, my position was that he was very sincere in his contrition, in the seriousness with which he took the issue. Again, now let’s talk about the first incident, where there are no disputed facts, he was holding a weapon on fire, drunk, in a club, waving it, broadcasting it live, it’s round one,” he said.

“I know Ja a little, I knew him, he is a star in our championship. And the meaning was he walked in, he owned it all, said it was a terrible mistake, I’ll learn from the mistake, and so on, to get the report and then to see online that in fact he was then live streaming a pistol, certainly looks like a pistol, a Glock, in a reckless way, of course, I was incredibly disappointed.

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